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Our highly trained nurses will come revive you in the comfort of your home, hotel, office....

Improve your health & energy or accelerate your recovery. We make the experience comfortable and convenient. 





What is IV Revival and What do We Do?

You probably have some questions. Here are the quick answers:

  • Why can't I just eat vitamins and drink water? You certainly can and should BUT your body is extremely limited as to what your gut will absorb. An IV places hydration and nutrients directly into your blood stream

  • Is this a new treatment and is it safe? IV vitamin therapy was developed in the 1940s by Dr John Myers to treat a multitude of diseases and has been proven safe and effective. We are making the treatment available and convenient to the general public.

  • Who will put my IV in? An experienced registered nurse will place your IV & monitor you for the duration of your appointment.

  • How long does it take? IVs take 40-60 minutes and shooters take 5 minutes.

  • What the heck is a shooter? A tiny shot in your butt or arm of a Super Energy Boost.

  • Does it hurt? The needle is tiny. Seriously, so small you’ll hardly feel a thing.

  • Do I have to leave my couch? Nope. We're mobile. We come to you. 

  • When do you start noticing the effects? Immediately! The main benefit of IV therapy is efficient and quick absorption.

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